5 Ways to Promote Your Eyelash Business On Social Media.

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As a new eyelash extension business owner, I know you feel very accomplished. You got your website done, and everything you need to launch. But you may be stuck on exactly how to go about getting customers.

Well the great news is thanks to the internet it’s never been easier to get new clients. With all the social media platforms available a single post can reach a large audience pretty easily.  

So today I’m going to give you 5 tips on how to promote your lash business on social media.

So why Social Media?

Because there are millions of people who use these platforms everyday. They share their ideas, thoughts, jokes, recipes, you name it, people are talking about it. And that goes for the eyelash extensions you are selling. It’s a huge database, if targeted correctly, you can reach the right viewers and convert them into your customers. Just present your products and advertise. It’s fun and affordable.

Now that we have that out the way. Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this blog. Those 5 tips.

1. Post Before and After Photos.

The old saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words!” Well that is very true. You want to show your new potential customers what your lashes look like on a real person. Instead of just having pictures of your strip lashes alone.

I  would suggest you start with asking a few of your girlfriends to model for you. Give them some lashes to keep and try out. Take before and after pictures of them wearing your products.
And then use these pictures to post on your social media platforms. You can also ask to tag your friends in the pictures. This will open you up to their social circles and it’s a easy way to expose you to new potential customers.

2. Post Videos Of You Offering Your Products.

If a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a million. Another fantastic way to get people familiar with your brand is to post videos on social media. This allows people to get to see you, your products, and what they look like on your clients. You can post in your own page or other related groups that allows that. You can create your own groups where you are the admin. Going live on different social media platforms are a great way to interact with people as well.

I’m all about this form of marketing. But some people might not be so open to put their face out there. So it is important that you work with someone who is not camera shy. Give them the intensives of free lashes to help you out. Try to pick some people who a big group of friends or followers. This always is a plus.

3. Give It The Zazzle Effect.

When you start posting on social media your going to see that there is a lot of competition. But don’t let this intimidate you. You have something unique that you can bring to the table. I call this “The Zazzle Effect!”
Spice up your content with confidence that you are what they have been looking for. Also make sure you have good lighting and a good high definition camera. Most phones today will do the trick. And you can get a simple ring light on Amazon for around $10 bucks that fits right on your phone.

Another pro tip: is record in a quiet place and against a solid color background. You don’t want for one second for their minds to drift from what you are saying. because they are trying to figure out what that noise is. Or looking at that crazy background you got behind you.

4. Interact With People.

I can’t stress the importance of this one. It’s called SOCIAL MEDIA. So be social interact with you audience. But do it in such a way where it’s not “Buy My Stuff!’ all the time.

Start interesting dialogues, post funny pictures related to your industry, if someones asks a question try your best to answer it etc. You will get better with this in time as your start to figure out what works. Make sure you have fun with it.

5. Use Influencers To Promote Your Products.

This one is a bit more advanced step. But one way you can really skyrocket your business is to get mini influencers to promote your products.

Try to find someone with a decent size following. You can message them and ask if they would be open to review your lash brand? Normally they will say yes, because they get free products, and you get access to their network of people. Normally they do a video review wearing your lashes, which you can use that to promote in other posts later. It’s also free advertising for them. So it is a win for everyone involved. 

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